Veterinary Oversight

Veterinary Oversight:

Since both neighboring facilities, North Star Stables and North Star Veterinary Hospital (NSVH), are owned and operated by Dr. Kim Krivit, veterinary oversight is an accommodation we are happy to provide. Rest assured that your horse’s nutritional needs are tailored by an onsite veterinarian and that our staff are trained to meet veterinary standards for optimal care.
Caring for any animal comes with the possibility of emergency care. We understand that these events can occur at any moment and without notice. Our dedicated staff maintains constant observation of each animal in our care and keeps NSVH’s large animal doctors updated on any abnormal occurrences. The benefit of having a veterinary hospital next door is the access to quick action when needed and 24-hour weekday hospitalized care and monitoring if needed. While we encourage owners to be present during emergency situations, we understand that it may not always be feasible. In such cases, NSVH will maintain open communication with owners and proceed with care only upon their consent. Should communication with owners be temporarily impossible during an emergency, our top priority remains the well-being of the animal and NSVH will administer necessary care until communication is reestablished.
With the help of NSVH’s Equine Department Lead Technician, all boarder’s medical records are kept organized and within boarding requirements. Should your animal’s medical requirements need updating, a technician will reach out to you to schedule within our specific Stables Farm Call dates or on other availabilities.
Owners have the choice to either attend routine farm call appointments or authorize NSVH staff to carry out the required care according to their comfort and preferences.
Should your horse need medical attention other than routine treatments such as exams, vaccines, deworming, etc. provided on regular farm call visits, please call 910-858-2525 and speak with a receptionist to schedule at our soonest availability.

For after-hours emergencies, please call NC State