About Us

North Star Stables, founded by Dr. Kim Krivit, represents a commitment to delivering exceptional, “like home” care to the cherished members of her heart, horses. Situated on a sprawling 30-acre property, featuring six pastures and 26 stalls, North Star Stables offers a haven for over 40 horses, each with diverse needs and preferences.

Our team, comprised of friendly and knowledgeable staff, is complemented by our neighboring Veterinary Clinic, North Star Veterinary Hospital. We strive to provide a welcoming, family-oriented environment, ensuring that your horse is tended to with the same care and devotion as our own.

Our mission at North Star Stables is to offer an exceptional equine facility that caters to all breeds and disciplines within the Parkton and Fayetteville horse community and beyond. The synergy between North Star Stables and North Star Veterinary Hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Kim Krivit, extends to a commitment to education. Through a series of events and classes, we strive to maintain a safe and thriving environment for equestrians of all levels.

Conveniently situated just off I-95, North Star Stables offers both layover services for travelers and flexible boarding options, including Full Boarding and Pasture Boarding services.

Our journey began in 1996, when Dr. Kim Krivit was exclusively an equine veterinarian. With a mere 3 acres of land, she poured her love and craftsmanship into rebuilding the existing barn. Walls were replaced, stall doors were meticulously created, additional land was acquired, new pastures were crafted, and rows of trees were planted, all in honor of the animals that have held a special place in her heart from a young age.

The passion for this boarding facility extends to her family, with her husband, Rob, and daughter, Willow, contributing immeasurable amounts of “labor of love” to nurture this family-centered boarding stable.

In subsequent years, Hurricane Matthew, an unforeseen blessing, enabled us to renovate the barn’s aisleway and stalls within our ever-expanding facility. We installed a spacious 100×20-foot concrete aisleway and replaced dirt stall flooring with efficient drainage systems and stall mats. The addition of a 100×300-foot sand jumping arena has transformed our facility into a hub for training lessons, educational clinics, and general-purpose riding, catering to boarders and riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines.

Our growth over the years has been remarkable, and our commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering. We have upcoming plans for individual turnout pastures, retirement pastures, a cross-country field, and a covered arena, all designed to enhance the environment that countless horses call home.

Whether you’re visiting for the day or seeking a more extended stay, North Star Stables warmly welcomes you and your four-legged family to our extended family.